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We are all serving and working for God. Not our egos and a showcase to others of what we ahieve. Unless somwone is actually planning on destroying a church.

Very dramatic. All should be done to include them. Churches are not ego based. The body of Christ not a popularity contest…or running a business… to make money or followers. Jesus, Chan, et al.. This toxic attitude of the writer says it all. These are not true shepherds. How unchristian and what a one dimensional perspective. Yes I am judging you as you have judged others.

Are churches only for people who have no problems? Seems like this is exactly the kind of person that needs to be welcomed in a church. The cartoon is attractive, your authored subject matter stylish. Some just enjoy reaching out to help. I have known many including myself who have tried a dozen different churches because of various reasons and not all bad.

I had to explore what faith I wanted to be. And yes I have been judged harshly because of it and not allowed to participate in leadership roles even over it, although I had gone for a few years in their home church. It can work both ways. I will not be returning to your pages anymore after this. How does that feel to be judged after one message?

6 Early Warning Signs You're Dealing With a Toxic Person -

Miracle happen and prophets who will help your dreams come through in few hours herbalist ,I was introduced to Prophet Moses by my friend who her husband was cheating and the Prophet helped her by winning her lost husband back home and loving her till now…. My fiancee came back to me after 3 months breakup, she left me because her ex husband was pestering her to dump me.

But I am glad a witch I met through facebook did a love spell that brought her back to me. We are getting married next month. I just want the world to share my happiness with me. Love is a beautiful thing. We are getting married in Beverly Hills Ca. I am glad to see you have been cured of cancer, most people can only hope to be so fortunate! Its lovely to see that your sense of humor was unaffected. We can notice others flaws, but we all have something we need to work on…. There is enough hate in this world as it is to last eternity.

Whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely. Which verse of the New Testament says that? Stop getting your Bible facts from second hand opinions. That is false teaching right there! Hahaha…Maybe you missed these verses…You pit of vipers, white washed sepulchres, you search the world over for one convert and make him twice the child of hell…and there are many more.

Maybe try reading your Bible for once instead of just spewing out the latest nonsense from some ecumenical preacher. How much is this hiding of pedophiles hurting xtianity?

As You Were - The Cancer that is Killing Christians and the Church

The rcc is losing 6 people for each new fool. Hatred of Gays also cost you dearly. You forgot that every Gay person has hetero parents and siblings, and cousins who love them. Keep up the hatred. Carey, I have to agree and empathize with Sean Cole below. What you consider toxic I can see as injured. I was a very calm happy person, happily serving as a teacher in 2 christian schools.

Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball

Then I had a school with a very aggressive boss, he would insult me often and I found out he did it to a lot of the women. That year broke me. I worked so hard for my students, who loved me and their parents all loved me, but he yelled at me often — so much that in my stress I had to quit.

After that I was like you describe, moved from place to place, waiting to be involved in a positive way, waiting to heal through love and service. What you say to do — not let them become involved — can be seen as shunning. Shunning is the worst kind of treatment and can compound the injury of someone coming from abuse or past shunning, and cause more of the toxic behaviors you describe as everyone needs to feel welcomed and useful, validated.

The suggestions the person gives you is their cry to be welcomed. A warmth and family. Also, I have seen leaders who have been hurt, they also have a need to feel in charge and rebel against, in their opinion, the over excited. Whereas very confident and loving leaders I have seen can laugh and redirect that energy.

Two schools ago I had a wonderful boss who loved my energy and focused it so I could serve, unfortunately my husband was transferred, while I was the same bundle of energy and excitement in my new job, my new boss took same suggestions and thought of them as threats and criticism. I noticed the bosses I have had that find my energy and ideas as threats have very rough childhoods with harsh or neglectful fathers.

The bosses I have had that love the excitement of me and my coworkers bosses like that tend to attract positive, hardworking, people with new ideas tend to come from stable backgrounds and seem unthreatened by the success and talents of others. One more: of course I see your point. One church-school I worked at had the most wonderful people leave, simply because a few of the toxic members liked to yell literally and put down others. It was heartbreaking to see such wonderful giving people leave, in the end I left also, wishing our kind leader would have addressed it, but for some reason he would not.

I like the comment below about looking at the fruit — is the person serving others?

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If the comments and suggestions are about how they can better serve others ask for more! If they are just criticism of others or without suggestions on what they can do to improve the situation then beware.

Sure sounds like the author was talking about xtians. Their incessant demands that all others do as they demand under some god they can never produce,or end up in some lake of fire thing. Where do they get off telling others to buy into their lunacy? Christinan talk about their faith just as you are talking. They get off that train the same way you get off trying to bully and control what other are allowed to believe and say.

You may be an example of lunacy, but you are certainly not the last. Christ is an option and you are not the one who sets the limits on the options of belief. A lot safer too. Such a comment leads toward you never having had a fulfilling relationship. I would honestly have to agree for most of the places I have lived. The men turn agressive and predatory and women turn passive agressive and manipulative. The few nicer places give me hope for people.

And there is a reason for toxic women……. Women in western societies have become toxic because of feminist and Hollywood. I was absolutely desperate to get my husband back. I felt confident that he will actually make my husband to return home and he did! Guilty as charged on a few accounts: I wanted, desperately needed to get involved in something greater than myself. I had no plans to go back home, was determined to stick it out in this foreign country, heal from my head injuries, sober up, and try a change of direction. But I was really unhealthy.

Without a good support network.

God’s plan to end your suffering

So I crawled back to church and wrote a long email stating my qualifications, hoping to get plugged into a ministry as a volunteer. Wrote another long email to the pastor detailing both the head injury and the nightmare situation at my last job it concerned being mistaken for a criminal, which I absolutely am not.

Breast Cancer Marred My Picture-Perfect Marriage

Got plugged into a couple of volunteer opportunities right away, without really spending much time going to church. Thrown into the deep end. And then things started changing. I got a lot more humble, was willing to put a lot of toxic feelings and attitudes away with the help of God , started working on a couple of ministry projects, and started meeting a lot more people.

The religious leaders deemed John the baptist and especially Jesus and His disciples to be toxic.