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Doubtfire , Miracle on 34th Street , and Matilda. Her acclaimed memoir, Where Am I Now? She lives in New York City. Photo by Ari Scott. But I reserved special hatred for Hamlet. It was when I first read it, and Hamlet struck me not as a dangerous madman, but whiny, ineffectual, and the worst boyfriend ever; a rather obnoxious emo kid. The other characters were even worse: Ophelia was all over the place even before her breakdown, Horatio was nothing but a fairweather friend, and Claudius seemed too genial to be a deadly ambitious murderer.

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I knew at the very least, it would be good conversation fodder for me and my then-boyfriend, a film major and Shakespeare fanatic. I had thought I, who spent my 17th birthday playing Puck at Shakespeare summer camp, had been super into the Bard, but my boyfriend took it to another level. But he could never get me to like Hamlet. I figured Shakespeare on Film would be something of a filler course, but the class surprised me.

Hamlet. Tell Me (No) Tales

This was Throne of Blood : Kurosawa took a classic story and made it his own, suited to his own history and culture, and made it terrifying and beautiful. My 12th grade literature teacher rightfully pointed out that it was a bit egotistical to cast himself as Hamlet when he was pushing 40, especially considering the love scenes with year-old Kate Winslet. My time as a film actor was behind me, and I had some residual bitterness over the grittier aspects still remaining.

And after years of theater school, I also considered it a much more shallow medium. Theater could be done anywhere for cheap, while film was by necessity an extravagant, expensive waste. Film was about looks and spectacle, while theater was about voice and physicality and pure emotion. One in particular: the fascinating Toshiro Mifune.

He had the body of a warrior and the expressions of a kabuki performer. He was naturally gorgeous, but could make himself hideous. I wanted to see more of him. T he Bad Sleep Well is an American-style movie criticizing the corruption that came along with post-war Americanization of industry.

Hamlet - Act 4 Scene 4 - How all occasions do inform against me,

It opens on a wedding, first as a traditional Japanese wedding party enters, then a flood of westernized media reporters and detectives. The groom, known as Mr. Itakura has traded names and histories with his well-to-do friend Nishi, and married Yoshiko so he might get closer to Iwabuchi and avenge his father. Mifune, who often played wild-eyed, furious warriors and renegade outsiders, plays a character known for his coldness and quietness.

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