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Alex Pavlovic. The Giants won They swept the Padres. They've scored 40 runs during a 4-game winning streak. They're also 8 games under. But let's roll with it while we can. New York Post Sports nypostsports 43m. MADmagazine was definitely a big influence on me as a kid.

Loved "The Lighter Side of Also learned from the many historical references. Been a long time since I bought one, but bummed that it will soon be no more :. Mets played in Canada last year for the Fourth of July, this year they are off. Protest by dumping tea in front of the MLB office.

A Deep Dive Into the "Raw Water" Craze

Phony Van Wagenen MetsKevin11 1h. Laura Albanese AlbaneseLaura 1h. AlbaneseLaura A lot of uber drivers will do that as a scam. It shows they are near the location or at the location but will wait a while so you cancel. It happens a lot. New York Post Sports nypostsports 1h. What is up with Uber at Citi Field? Mathew Brownstein MBrownstein89 1h.

How to scale personalized learning? — Noah Framework

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Noah Syndergaard's deep-dive solution to his Mets nightmare

Already have an account? Cancel Sign up. Upgrade to PRO. I just finished Designing your life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans which I really enjoyed which talks about prototyping, reframing and other great concepts. Going to dig further into Antifragile now! Keep up the awesome content! Hi Noah, Great job on the podcast. This episode hit me especially at the right time as I am currently working on making discipline a mastery in my life right now I just finished my 1st week of the 5am challenge!

I am currently reading two excellent books:. It's a quick read about the power of being excellent in throughout your life even in jobs you might view as insignificant or boring. It's a great reminder to be different in life - make you daily interactions with people standout and focus on serving others. Cheers, Cap'n Matt. I am about to start seriously with Tools of Titans that I just skimmed through until now. I always make sure to have some fiction books available as well point 7 of your podcast: "give yourself a break" , like Norse Mythology Neil Gaiman and the classic The Trial Kafka.

I am really having fun with your short but in-depth format - my go-to audio when doing non-intellectual activity or walking. I have deleted all of my apps except for Facebook. It honestly feels so good! So good I also want to delete Facebook As soon as you delete them, you also realize what we're the reasons for actually having them in the first place and let me tell you, none of these reasons were worth it. I've now created a list of goals for myself and never downloading these apps back is definitely one of them. I listen to all your episodes Noah, and appreciate that you're always improving and looking for new ideas and places to explore.

Here's what I like about this episode:. You really captured his spirit in this one. I feel that your experience and authority are often compromised when you throw out gratuitous F-bombs or locker-room comments in your shows or interviews. Don't get me wrong, I'm no choir-boy, but those "winceable" comments or choices of language often cause a taint where no taint should be In this episode, I felt like it was impressively mature and authoritative material, done in your own natural style I found this podcast and other similar podcasts from other rich online business owners verrry interesting for a specific reason They kind of just read any self-help book that's popular.

This is not a diss, but more so a self-reflection. I've read hundreds of the top books and have gotten really skeptical about who I listen to. I went through all of Jim, Ziglar, Robbins, etc. But now, I ask, for example, "Why listen to Jim? He made most of his money giving self-help advice. He doesn't have any credibility outside of it.

Maybe I'm too skeptical I was taking notes the whole time, I didn't realize you had all the bullet points here on the blog, super helpful! I'm reading "The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life" as inspiration for how to write a killer biography. I'm about to start writing a book about my father and his investing strategy and this book has so much great insight into Mr. Buffett and what makes him tick. At your suggestion, I'll finally go ahead and delete Facebook from my phone. Brilliant or taco heresy?

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I'm currently reading 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I'm half way through and it's one of those books I know I'll pick up once a year for a refresher. Truly understanding and internalizing the difference between leading and managing is an invaluable lesson I know will be a huge factor in my success. Hey Noah, your blog posts along with Neville Madhora's have defnitely helped improve my work output these past two weeks. Here are some of the things I've been doing that I learned from you two for the past two weeks:.

I've been reading the Boron letters too.

Third Month Mania Deep Dive - Issues: The Daily Show

You guys are great for giving so much valuable advice for free. Great podcast and keep up the good work! You bring a lot of value in a way that's easily and pleasantly consumable. The simple action steps are helpful, too.


I've committed to reading 52 books this year physical, kindle, or audiobook and am on track so far. Great episode. Jim Rohn seriously is the man. True story, when I first heard the quote, "You're the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with", I thought people were attributing it to Jim ROME, the sports radio guy because I had never heard of Jim Rohn I'm It seemed weird to me that sports radio Jim Rome would be throwing that kind of wisdom out there, but hey, good stuff, is good stuff right?

That's usually my cue for reading. And I especially like Copywriting books because even if you're never writing an ad, no matter what you do you're selling something to somebody.

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