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He was one of the early writers in the Sword and Planet genre, with his Jason Croft series. He collaborated with Junius B. Smith on many of his stories. Robert Weinberg"s website described the series of stories starring Jason Croft as "ne of the most popular scientific romance trilogies published in All-Story Weekly magazine of the first quarter of the 20th century.

Because All Foreign His Country depicts Japanese-Americans living in California helping the invasion, some critics have cited it as an example of the anti-Japanese racism that ultimately resulted in the Internment of Japanese Americans after Pearl Harbor. Smith, with whom he co-authored a large number of stories, including those featuring the occult detective.

Fellow American Medical Association. Back to Profile. Photos Works. Main Photo. John Ulrich Giesy. School period Add photo. Career Add photo. Achievements Add photo. Membership Add photo. Awards Add photo. Other Photos Add photo. Connections Add photo. Volume 2 of This volume contains the Jason Croft series or trilogy, b The panel of judges, along with all the fans in the room, will choose a winner from the six best finalists and award prizes.

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