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Deterministic polarization chaos from a laser diode. Nature Photon. Marciante, J. Spatio-temporal characteristics of filamentation in broad-area semiconductor lasers: experimental results.

  • Physics and applications of laser diode chaos | Nature Photonics.
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Masoller, C. Anticipation in the synchronization of chaotic semiconductor lasers with optical feedback. Gonzalez, C. Controlling the leader laggard dynamics in delay-synchronized lasers. Chaos 17 , Fischer, I. Zero lag long range synchronization via dynamical relaying. Halle, K. Spread spectrum communication through modulation of chaos.

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Lecture 53:Optical Phase Conjugation

Synchronized chaotic optical communications at high bit rates. Lee, M. Demonstration of a chaotic optical message relay using DFB laser diodes. Chaotic message broadcasting using DFB laser diodes. Chaos-based communications at high bit rates using commercial fibre-optic links.

Physics and applications of laser diode chaos | Nature Photonics

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Optimal operating conditions for external cavity semiconductor laser optical chaos communication system. Estimation of delay times from a delayed optical feedback laser experiment.

Phase Conjugate Laser Optics

Loss of time-delay signature in the chaotic output of a semiconductor laser with optical feedback. Lin, H. Experimental study of time-delay signatures in vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers subject to double-cavity polarization-rotated optical feedback. Tiana-Alsina, J. Quantifying the statistical complexity of low-frequency fluctuations in semiconductor lasers with optical feedback. Rev A 82 , Zunino, L. Characterizing the hyperchaotic dynamics of a semiconductor laser subject to optical feedback via permutation entropy.

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Li, X-Z. Random bit generation using an optically injected semiconductor laser in chaos with oversampling.