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This ability allows you to get enchanted books when salvaging enchanted items.

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Depending on your level the chance of successfully extracting a full or partial enchantment varies. When an enchantment is partially extracted, the enchantment on the book will have a lower level enchantment compared to what it was on the item. Advanced Salvage Unlocks at Salvage level: default config, can be different on other servers.

When unlocked, this ability allows you to salvage damaged items. The yield percentage increases as you level up. A higher yield means that you can get more materials back. With advanced salvage you will always get 1 of the material back unless the item is too damaged.

If your yield percentage is below If it is above this value you are able to gain the "full amount" as permitted by the item's durability, which means that you will get 2 ingots.

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Prior to these transactions, I had never purchased a salvage vehicle In my opinion, 74 Auto LLC has a competitive edge on their competition! They are honest and do their very best to accurately describe the vehicle damage.

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I will be a lifetime customer of 74 Auto LLC! Thank you Hans. I have been buying cars from 74 Auto for almost ten years.

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It is very hard to find someone who is honest in the repairable business. They always describe them accurately they are prompt with their paperwork and shipping. Subaru 2 Toyota 15 Volkswagen 3 Volvo 1.

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Vehicle Sale Hours are Mon-Fri am - pm. Click for info Why buy a salvage vehicle? Most of the vehicles Autogator sells are "salvaged", meaning they either came from an insurance company that deemed it a total loss or went through a paperwork process that changed it to a salvage history. The fact that an insurance company considered the vehicle a total loss doesn't mean that its not a great vehicle and can't be put back on the road after some repairs, it just means their numbers didn't work if they paid a body shop to fix it.