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The same goes for Tiddles, the show's tortoise, although bizarrely he behaves more like a cat than a tortoise — in one episode he gets stuck up a tree, and has to be rescued by the vet. Polly the parrot, who lives with Granny and Grandpa Pig, sits on a perch, repeating the occasional word. Other pets owned by the children include a goldfish, a stick insect, and a gecko.

So why the divide? Why do some animals get to be bipedal and have credit cards, while others have to remain as nature intended, minding their own business and pooing on the floor?

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I think the answer is simple — mammals get to be human, birds, fish and reptiles do not. What is the exact function of non-mammals in Peppa Pig? One blogger for the Houston Press puts it very succinctly — 'they are slaves and food'. His post also proves that, somewhere out there, someone overthinks Peppa Pig as much as I do.

The author of this post goes on to liken Peppa Pig to Orwell's Animal Farm , positing a post-apocalyptic world where all humans have been wiped out, leaving the other mammals at the top of the food chain. All the inferior animals have now taken on the role previously filled by the mammals — they are pets and livestock.

While it is not explicitly stated whether or not chickens are eaten, I think it's safe to assume they are, thanks to the existence of the Fox family. The characters on the show definitely do eat eggs, because they often have cakes and pancakes. In various summer episodes, as well as the Peppa Pig 'Holiday' app, Mummy Pig is seen wearing a bikini. This would imply that she has a human rather than a pig body. In real life, pigs are born with up to fourteen boobs, which may or may not all become active depending on how many children the pig gives birth to.

The explanation for this oversight?

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There probably isn't one. It probably wasn't an issue the creators thought of when they designed Mummy Pig. Well, they didn't count on someone like me having too much free time on their hands, and being able to think of things like this.

Cold Pig Hill Walk

Ha, I showed them. Of course, it could be argued that the reason Mummy Pig only has two boobs is because she has only given birth to two children. That would sort of make sense, and would be consistent with real world biology, but I prefer to think that Mummy Pig has just stuffed all fourteen boobs into that bikini top.

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  • This would not happen in real life. Therefore, I would like to expand on the Houston Press blogger's theory. Peppa Pig must live in some sort of post-apocalyptic world, where humans have been wiped out by a nuclear war. The animals, quite sensibly, decided not to get involved in this war, and have therefore survived. However, they have all been mutated by the radiation left over from the war. All the animals are now huge, which is why they are the same size as Emily Elephant.

    Emily is a relatively small elephant because she's still a child, but when she grows up she will be two hundred feet tall. This is the only possible explanation. In fact, the animals' size does appear to be at least partly based on their ages — the older you are, the bigger you are. Granny and Grandpa Pig are slightly bigger than Mummy and Daddy Pig, when in reality they should have stopped growing some time ago, possibly even becoming smaller.

    This clearly does not extend to the non-mammals though, as using this logic, Tiddles the tortoise would probably be the size of a house by now, and would be able to crush his mammalian overlords. Granny Pig and Grandpa Pig are Mummy Pig's parents, and are the only set of grandparents we ever see. I don't recall ever hearing anything about Daddy Pig's parents. There are several possible reasons for this -. I highly doubt it's the last one, so I'm inclined to go with the third explanation.

    This is because Mummy Pig's parents are rich and scarily posh. I can imagine some big, unmentionable family drama that happened long ago, that stemmed from Daddy Pig coming from a lower social class than Mummy Pig. I can see Daddy Pig as originally being from the 'wrong side of the tracks', but thanks to hard work, he managed to make something of himself.

    Granny and Grandpa Pig have come to accept Daddy Pig, albeit reluctantly, although his parents are banished on account of how his mother has BNP tattoos on her neck, and his dad is a known shoplifter.

    Looking Through The Eye Of A Pig

    Of course, there could be another explanation. It could be the case that having more than one set of grandparents would make the universe too confusing for preschool children. Perhaps only one set of grandparents are needed to explain the concept. Maybe a lot of viewers only have one set of grandparents, and the producers didn't want to raise too many awkward questions within families. After all, the producers have tried to make the families diverse, while still remaining as faithful as possible to the standard idea of a nuclear family. Peppa is four years old, and George is eighteen months old.

    They are both in the same class at school, along with all of Peppa's friends and all of George's friends. They have the same teacher the inexplicably French Madame Gazelle and the same lessons. My question is this — if George is at school aged eighteen months, then surely Peppa would have been at school when she was eighteen months old?

    If this was the case, then Peppa would have been learning the same things then as George is learning now. Except that Peppa is also learning the same things now as George is learning now. I have a headache. Is Peppa destined to repeat the same school year over and over again? Or has George been dropped in the deep end at school, and must have the same lessons as the four year olds? Also, why are any of them at school?

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